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What our clients are saying

The attention to detail and 'extras' like heated wraps free of charge made me more relaxed and I appreciated the perks and attention. And for the first time ever during massage, I was relaxed I feel asleep.

Beth T. - Satisfied Client

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are heated to 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit, which can relax muscles and increase circulation and lymph flow more effectively than a massage without hot stones.

One hour = $90

Body Wrap

Body wrap full body treatment begins with exfoliation, then mud or seaweed rehydrates and remineralizes your skin while you relax, finishing the treatment with body butter to seal in your skin's new moisture.

One hour = $90


Aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety, depression, and allergies,

improve quality of life for those with chronic health conditions, and improve sleep.

Lavender oil may reduce osteoarthritis pain in the knee, improve quality of life for people with dementia, and reduce pain from kidney stones.

Aromatherapy = $5

Package Deals

Bundle your experience and save!

Body Wrap Deal


save $10

Best for skin

2 hr session

1 hr body wrap

1 hr Swedish massage


Thai Massage Deal


save $15

Best for muscle balance

3 hr session

90 minute Thai massage

90 minute Swedish massage


Neuromuscular Deal


save $10

Best for pain management goals

2.5 hr session

1 hr PNMT

90 minute Swedish massage

hot or cold stone enhancement

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