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Swedish Massage

Full body relaxation massage can be slow to melt away tension or invigorating, like a sports massage. Hot towels, heat packs, and eye pillows are available every time. Add enhancements or combine Swedish massage with a body wrap or Thai massage to get the most therapy out of your session.

One hour = $60

90 minutes = $90

Two hours = $120

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy

An approach of treating specific musculoskeletal pain, which can help with pain management, improve range of motion, assist in the healing process of injured muscles and soft tissue, and prevent surgeries.

30 minutes = $38

One hour = $75

Thai Massage

Thai massage combines the stretching and movement of Yoga with the therapy of massage. Traditionally performed on a floor mat, be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for the stretching and supported movements during the session.

One hour = $70

90 minutes = $105

Two hours = $140

What our clients are saying

It was wonderful, so relaxing! The building itself is very relaxing, the paperwork was super quick and easy, scheduling the appointment was easy, Mike was very polite and professional and gave great tips on things for me to do at home to help reduce the tension in my muscles! I will go back for sure and I highly recommend!

Maegan K. - Satisfied Client

Time for Two

Relaxation massage for two clients in the same room with their therapists. Perfect for couples, friends, and mother-daughter or sister-sister time!

One hour = $130

90 minutes = $195

Two hours = $260

Chair Massage

Perfect for a brief shoulder or back massage after work to relax and normalize tired muscles.

One minute = $1

Foot Treatment

Hot towels and exfoliation begin the foot treatment. Reflexology and neuromuscular techniques are used to enhance the foot massage by decreasing pain, increasing foot flexibility and pliability, revitalizing the feet, and relaxing and balancing the body.

20 minutes = $25

What our clients are saying

I think my water aerobics have made my muscles stronger, and with regular massage I'm doing pretty well with pain management.

Linda R. - Satisfied Client


Add enhancements to your Swedish massage to get the most therapy out of your massage session.

Hot or Cold Stone Enhancement

Enhance your Swedish massage with hot or cold stones held in the massage therapists hands during the massage.


Exfoliation Enhancement

Full body exfoliation is a standard part of our body wraps, but you can enhance your Swedish massage with exfoliation to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft after your massage.

Partial = $10

Full body = $25

Rose Mud Face Mask

A standard part of our body wraps, you can enhance your Swedish massage with a rose mud face mask to really pamper yourself and leave your face rehydrated and remineralized.


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